One Point of Contact for IBM Data Solutions

End-to-End Data & Analytics Solutions

Since 1997, One Point Solutions has employed a "one point of contact" model for our areas of focus. Our unique value proposition is entirely focused on IBM data solutions, eliminating the need for our customers to engage multiple vendors and incur escalating costs.  Due to One Point’s intense focus and familiarity with IBM’s broad analytics and data management portfolio and today’s evolving database technology, our customers use their data to grow and optimize their operations.  For more detail:

Specific Solutions and Value Proposition

One Point’s single point of contact model makes it easy for companies to make the most of rapidly-expanding database size, protecting critical data, integrating it, and leveraging it to analyze and grow. We provide the following areas of focus - manage, integrate, and analyze:

  • Purchase and renew IBM software
  • Proof of concept and demos using your data
  • Solution environment planning
  • Turnkey hardware/software packages
  • Remote and onsite development and support
  • Application dev and modernization
  • Virtual DBA and other services
  • IBM worldwide award winner and 3-time finalist

Manage & Grow

It all starts with the database. Your critical company data and database infrastructure need to be secure, expandable, accessible, and reliable. IBM’s incredible database family provides the core infrastructure for any-sized customer -- from corner business to fortune 5 -- and any workload from standard transactional systems to large-scale data warehouses. One Point’s model provides the assurance that your data is stable and grows with your company. We sell, service, provide virtual DBA (including 24x7), app dev/modernization, and implementations for the following:


With all of today’s applications, database systems, and disparate technologies, the integration and management of data creates huge business challenges. Consolidation of data increases key business insight, operational efficiency and – ultimately – profitability. It’s also critical that customer and products are not duplicated across various systems and that the data is clean. We achieve this with a combination of the following products:

Analyze and Report...

Business Analytics – previously commonly known as BI – allows companies to analyze and report upon data, using centralized graphical formats and dashboards, providing intuitive dashboard-driven analytics for executives, operations, finance, marketing, sales, and general end users (for example, view our solutions for IoT/sensors, manufacturing and supply chain). It’s also key to employ integration into centralized repositories (data marts/warehouses) and avoid duplicated and often inaccurate spreadsheets that require a great deal of IT intervention and manual process. Products include:

  • Cognos: A variety of analytics and predictive solutions for all companies
  • Cognos Express: A complete set of solutions including reporting, dashboarding, analytics, predictive, and finance, available for small to mid-sized companies or workground within larger companies
  • SPSS: Predict the future based on historical results
  • TM1: Collaboritive budgeting and forecasting (also included in Cognos Express)


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