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Appliances, IoT, Data Warehouse, and Cloud Databases

Deliver greater business insight quickly and easily with data warehousing. IBM data warehouses provide a manageable, cost-effective central repository of company-wide data –letting you gain the upper hand on growing data volumes both via the cloud and your local systems. And with the help of online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining tools such as IBM SPSS and IBM Watson, data warehouses can help you drive a business strategy based on documented trends rather than best guesses.  Here are some examples:



DB2 BLU - Massive performance improvements with in-memory analytics for both OLTP and data warehouse data 

We’re on a mission to make key business drivers transparent across the enterprise. Learn how your organization can gain competitive advantage by leveraging the next generation of Infosphere warehousing to incorporate structured and unstructured information in near real time, in the context of daily activities.  


Cloud databases (DBaaS), IoT, and NoSQL Database Systems

In the rapidly-changing world of technology it's nearly impossible to keep up with the latest database and other technologies.  IT and budget are often restrained, causing companies to take advantage of technologies that can move their company forward without significant time and infrastructure investments.    Using DataBase as a Service (DBaaS) solutions can rapidly improve your time-to-market -- and competitive advantage.  Solutions include standard relational database systems as well as the latest options to process unstructured sensor and other data (NoSQL), to take advantage of the Internet of Things, rapidly build new apps, .. and much more.


IBM Data Appliances: 

IBM Netezza appliances are now part of IBM PureSystems - expert integrated systems with built in expertise, integration by design and a simplified user experience. Part of the PureData family, the Netezza appliance is now known as the PureData System for Analytics. It has the same key design tenets of simplicity, speed, scalability and analytics power that was fundamental to Netezza appliances.  With simple deployment, out-of-the-box optimization, no tuning and minimal on-going maintenance, the IBM PureData System for Analytics has the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest total-cost-of-ownership.